Short-term clinic rentals vs. long-term leasing: A smart choice for clinicians


In this guest blog for Hamilton Fraser, Sara Moghadam, founder of Rent My Clinic, explores the topic of short-term clinic rentals and how this innovative approach can benefit practitioners looking for a flexible and practical solution to delivering their services.  

The landscape of healthcare delivery is evolving, with the industry projected to grow by 14% annually by 2026 (Mckinsey), and therefore the business models of medical practices need to evolve as well. Clinicians today are increasingly opting to short-term rent clinic space rather than leasing it long-term. This shift is driven by several compelling advantages that short-term renting offers, as well as the increased saturation of the aesthetic market and retail space that is continuing to see double digit growth through 2025.

Financial flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of short-term clinic rentals is the financial flexibility it provides. Long-term leases can require a substantial down payment along with high renovation, maintenance, and repair costs, which can strain a practice’s cash flow. Conversely, short-term rentals typically involve lower upfront costs and predictable monthly expenses, allowing clinicians to allocate more resources towards areas of the business that directly impact patient care, such as staffing, equipment, and marketing.

Freedom to work from anywhere and test locations

The aesthetic healthcare industry is dynamic, and the needs of a medical practice can change rapidly. Short-term rentals provide the flexibility to work from different postcodes to cater to client demands. This flexibility is crucial for growing practices that are still testing their place in the market before committing to a long-term investment. By doing this, clinicians can gauge the suitability of a location in terms of patient volume and accessibility, ensuring they make informed decisions about where to establish a permanent presence.

Access to prime locations

As a growing practice with not many years of trading history, it could be tough to get approval on a long-term commercial property lease in a prime location. However, with short-term rentals, an aesthetic healthcare professional can choose high-traffic areas, which can enhance the visibility, and in turn, the success of a practice. This can significantly boost patient acquisition and retention.

Passive income stream and building a community

Clinic owners with long-term leases and multiple clinic rooms that are not always occupied, can benefit from renting these rooms out on a short-term basis to healthcare professionals. Receiving passive income from spare rooms and having the freedom of not having to be in clinic every day to keep their business running, is the ideal goal for clinic owners.

Additionally, aesthetics can feel very singular, especially to newcomers in the industry who are used to working in teams. However, when renting out clinic rooms, healthcare professionals get the opportunity to work within a clinic setting and alongside other professionals, which they could bounce ideas off of and create a professional relationship with.

Could short-term clinic rentals be the next step for you?

Short-term clinic rentals offer numerous advantages that can significantly benefit both healthcare providers and clinic owners. Rent My Clinic specialises in connecting healthcare providers with optimal rental spaces tailored to their unique needs. It also provides a safe community of fellow aesthetic clinics and practitioners to support growing businesses. Our extensive database and user-friendly platform make it easier than ever to find the perfect clinic space and connect with other like-minded practitioners within your chosen area. Visit Rent My Clinic to explore available options and take the next step towards a successful and flexible practice.

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