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Ensure you are a member of the GMC, GDC or NMC

If you are practicing injectable treatments, you must make sure you are registered with one of the independent regulators for Doctors, Dentists or Nurses in the UK. Their role is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards. Failing to comply with their rules and regulations can result in the removal of your right to practice. Ensure you make it clear to your patients that you are registered with the appropriate governing body.

Find and complete a recognised training course

To specialise in most treatments you must complete a recognised training course. The level of training and experience required would vary depending on whether the procedures you are wishing to carry out are non-invasive or invasive. All forms of cosmetic treatments need appropriate training. Ensure you are training with a legitimate recognised course by looking out for the Hamilton Fraser Recognised Training Course logo or by visiting our website for a list of recommended training courses.

Book post course mentoring sessions if required and maintain continuous professional development (CPD)

Depending on the type of cosmetic treatments you would like to be qualified in, you may need to further develop your training by enrolling in a post course mentoring session. All practitioners engaged in cosmetic practice must keep their skills up to date by undertaking relevant continuing professional development. Each profession has a CPD obligation.

Take out medical malpractice insurance

Whether you work as part of a cosmetic clinic or as an individual practitioner, it is important to make sure you have adequate insurance in place should the unexpected happen. Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance policies are affordable and flexible and designed to grow as your cosmetic business develops. Our medical malpractice insurance policies have been created to protect cosmetic practitioners and clinics against allegations of malpractice and negligence in their performance of cosmetic treatments.

Create a business plan

Create a five year plan for your business and set out your goals for the future. Make sure you cover areas such as finance, the products/services you will sell, potential problems that may arise and staff. Document procedures within your business, including patient consent, thoroughly.

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Find a clinic to practice in

Research suitable areas and find a clinic to carry out your procedures in. If necessary, make sure your clinic is registered with the relevant healthcare inspectors. Practitioners are encouraged to work in a clinical environment.

Take out salon or surgery insurance

Whether you run one cosmetic clinic or a chain of clinics, it is important to make sure you have adequate insurance in place should the unexpected happen. We can provide tailor made insurance to protect your cosmetic clinic, drugs and equipment against loss or damage caused by insured events such as a storm, flood, escape of water and theft.

Prepare a marketing plan

Ensure that your marketing plan complies with the guidance contained within the Committee of Advertising Practice’s help note Cosmetic Surgery Marketing. This help note will set out guidance relating to marketing and communications that refer to the practitioner performing surgery, the procedure itself and the clinic where the procedure takes place.

Practitioners should also learn from feedback they receive from their patients. All organisations offering cosmetic procedures should have complaints and patient feedback processes in place. Practitioners should review this feedback in order to make improvements to their practice.

Promote your treatments through your website and social media outlets

Develop relationships with industry insiders, journalists and clients. Your reputation will be your biggest attribute to your success. Advertise in relevant magazines and websites etc and make sure you have a consistent presence online through updating social media and your own website.

Digital marketing is a very important tool, especially within the cosmetic industry. Many consumers use social media, so it’s a great way to interact with your audience and promote your services.

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Register with an industry association, such as BCAM, BACD, BACN, IHAS etc

Industry associations may provide you with impartial, independent advice and information on cosmetic injectable treatments. Belonging to an association can also set you apart from your competitors as it demonstrates your commitment to the industry.

Subscribe to aesthetic magazines and websites

Aesthetic magazines will keep you informed of all the latest industry updates and due to the changing and ever expanding nature of the cosmetic industry, keeping updated with the latest trends and procedures is very important.

Create a customer loyalty scheme

Giving customers benefits will encourage them to return to you. You can expand your database and make sure that your promotional materials are reaching your target audience. Develop relationships with similar businesses by including them in your promotions.

Update your clinic waiting room literature

Keeping your brand name in front of customers is critical to growing your business – especially if you rely heavily on word of mouth and market links. Your literature needs to be up to date with the latest promotions and information to make sure you and your practice stay relevant. Include before and after photos with specific examples of your work, this provides patients with a guide to the final result and allows you to show off your work.

This type of in-house promotion will increase brand exposure to your target audience and will make you stand out as an industry expert. Whether it is through your own promotional material or information leaflets that are relevant to your industry, you will demonstrate your expertise.

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