Aesthetics 2022 highlights & 2023 preview - Hamilton Fraser


In this episode of Aesthetics Unlocked we wrap up 2022, taking you on a whistle stop tour of the highlights of Hamilton Fraser’s podcasts.

What a year it’s been! We kicked off with our very own Shelly Hemmings, who shared her insights into all things insurance and what to look for in a training course. We learnt all about how to be a paperless practitioner with Pabau. Manrina Rhode took us through her cosmetic dentistry journey. Lorna Bowes, a customer with Hamilton Fraser since 1996, joined us to talk all things skin and share her insights into the award-winning work of AestheticSource in searching for the best clinically proven products and ingredients in the world. We learnt all about the reality of going from being an NHS nurse to a practitioner and businesswoman with Natalie Haswell. Shannon Kilgariff talked us through what goes on behind the scenes at events, and why they are so important in the cosmetic industry. And we enjoyed catching up with Gareth Lewis of the BACN, a long-time partner of Hamilton Fraser, about the support they offer their members.

Tune in to meet 2022’s all star cast of Aesthetics Unlocked, and find out what Eddie and Mark foresee for 2023, including who we have in the podcast pipeline. We thoroughly enjoyed talking to all our guests this year and would like to extend our thanks to our listeners for all your support.

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