ABC 2023 special: in conversation with Dr Harry Singh


Having owned three dental practices and with over 21 years’ experience carrying out facial aesthetics, Dr Singh, Founder and CEO of the Botulinum Toxin Club, is a leading light in the aesthetics sector.

Dr Singh led the session on ‘the 8 As of the patient journey’ at ABC2023. We caught up with him behind the scenes, where he shared his story and the mistakes he’s made along the way. Listen in to find out how he made the transition into facial aesthetics and to hear his top tips for success – from patient retention to balancing the clinical and business aspects of aesthetics, avoiding common pitfalls, keeping motivated and avoiding burnout, and much more.

We’ve also put together this ‘ABC 2023 vodcast special’ where you can watch and listen to highlights from interviews with all our speakers. We’ll be sharing more insights from our speakers over the coming weeks, so subscribe here to make sure you don’t miss out.

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