ABC 2023 special: in conversation with Dr Priyanka Chadha


Dr Chadha is Director of Acquisition Aesthetics training academy, an award-winning educator and a top ranking plastic surgeon. She also co- founded AUCC, a non- profit, aesthetic charity conference, and is the medical director, founder and owner of a number of clinics in London specialising in non- surgical aesthetic injectable treatments.

We caught up with her behind the scenes at ABC 2023. Dr Chadha talks us through what inspired her to go into aesthetic practice, offers unique insights into finding a training provider that is the right fit for you, and shares tips on how she juggles being a busy mum and a plastic surgery doctor.

We’ve also put together this ‘ABC 2023 vodcast special’ where you can watch and listen to highlights from interviews with all our speakers. We’ll be sharing more insights from our speakers over the coming weeks, so subscribe here to make sure you don’t miss out.

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