Skin deep with Lorna Bowes - Hamilton Fraser


As we spring forward in 2022, our host Viki Hooker brings another exciting podcast with Eddie Hooker, CEO of Hamilton Fraser, and Mark Copsey, Associate Director of Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance.

This month we are joined by Lorna Bowes from AestheticSource. Lorna is an experienced business owner, aesthetic nurse and trainer, having worked in aesthetics since the early 1990s. With extensive experience of delivering aesthetic procedures as well as an in depth understanding of the global aesthetic medical market – we promise a must listen in our latest episode ‘Skin deep’.

Also, huge congratulations goes to Lorna and the team at Aesthetic Source for being awarded ‘Topical Skincare Range of the Year’ at the most recent Aesthetics Awards 2022.

Podcast Guest

Lorna Bowes, CEO and Co-Founder at AestheticSource

AestheticSource was founded in 2011 to be a UK-based specialist distributor of clinically-proven aesthetic products. Curating a portfolio, including many of the world’s top skincare brands since then, AestheticSource has developed a rigorous process of searching for the best clinically-proven products and ingredients in the world.

The award-winning work that they put into sourcing these products allows them to take the pain out of the decision-making processes that clinics go through to make sure they have products that are both clinically-proven and commercially-viable in their portfolios, bringing your patients SKIN FITNESS™.

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