ABC 2023 special: in conversation with Dr Manav Bawa


Award-winning cosmetic doctor, aesthetic injectables trainer and expert in advanced procedures, Time Clinic’s Medical Director, Dr Bawa, is a regular guest speaker on the international stage.

We caught up with him at ABC 2023, where he led the session on ‘how to start your business’. Tune in to hear his tips – from making the transition from the NHS into aesthetics, marketing advice and how to use photographs in consultations and manage patients’ expectations, to what he would have done differently, how to future-proof your business, and much more.

We’ve also put together this ‘ABC 2023 vodcast special’ where you can watch and listen to highlights from interviews with all our speakers. We’ll be sharing more insights from our speakers over the coming weeks, so subscribe here to make sure you don’t miss out.

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